Director of Prison Murdered in Manabi, Ecuador

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April 21, 2024 Hour: 5:42 pm

On Sunday the director of an Ecuadorian prison was assassinated, in the middle of the referendum day, called by President Daniel Noboa.


Daniel Noboa Votes in Ecuador Referendum

The victim was Cosme Parrales, director of the Rodeo Prison in Portoviejo, Manabí, as confirmed in a statement by the National Service of Comprehensive Care for Persons Deprived of Liberty (SNAI), the state penitentiary agency.

This is the third murder in five days of an authority in Ecuador, after the murders of two mayors of municipalities in the south of the country that have illegal mining activities on their territory were recorded on Wednesday and Friday.

The first victim was Mayor José Sánchez, mayor of Camilo Ponce Enríquez, a municipality located in the southern Andean province of Azuay. Less than 48 hours later, Jorge Maldonado, mayor of the canton (municipality) of Portovelo, in the southern coastal province of El Oro, bordering Peru, was murdered.

 The text reads,

The National Service for Persons Deprived of Liberty (Snai) confirmed the attack on Cosme Parrales, director of the El Rodeo prison

The municipalities of both officials have a presence of foreign mining companies and are also a route of drug gangs which are destined for the Ecuadorian coast.

This is happening in the context of the government referendum to push through reforms and better organize the fight against criminal gangs operating in the country.


 The text reads, lawyer Cosme Damián Parrales, who served as director of the El Rodeo prison in Portoviejo, Ecuador, was assassinated on Sunday afternoon in the middle of election day, authorities said.

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