Boluarte’s Approval Drops to 5%, the Lowest Percentage in Peru Since 1989

June 9, 2024 Hour: 4:36 pm

Approval of the work of the president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, dropped to 5% this month, the lowest percentage for a Peruvian ruler since 1989, according to a national survey of the company Datum published this Sunday by the newspaper El Comercio.


Polls Show That 88.2% of Peruvians Disapprove Dina Boluarte as President

The Peruvian newspaper highlights that “if a comparison is made between the lowest approval percentages recorded since 1980, in the second government of Fernando Belaunde Terry, no head of state had obtained a similar figure. Neither Alan García in his first government (only Lima was measured) nor Alberto Fujimori at the end of 2000 had registered such a low approval.”

The poll added that disapproval of Boluarte, in a year and a half of administration, rose to 91%, while 4% remained indifferent, in the south of the Andean country, where there were the highest number of 49 victims by the anti-government protests at the beginning of his administration, disapproval of Boluarte rose to 95%, while in the north and east of the country it rose to 92%.

“President Dina Boluarte has barely 5% approval for her management throughout the country. In regions it reaches 3%. The @DatumPeru survey was published today, Sunday, by the newspaper El Comercio. The president of Congress Alejandro Soto reaches 10% and @pcmperu Gustavo Adrianzen barely 8%. They are delegitimized by polls but empowered by the population. At that rate, those in the back room will soon achieve full power in the republic. They are only missing something from the electoral system and the prosecutor’s office.

The Datum survey, which was conducted from 1 to 4 June to a sample of 1,208 people nationwide, with a margin of error of 2.8% and a confidence level of 95% also revealed that with respect to the President of the Congress, Alejandro Soto, from the conservative party Alianza para el Progreso (APP), 75% reject his administration, 10% support it and 15% are indifferent.

The Datum survey also showed that the President of the Council of Ministers, Gustavo Adrianzén, has a disapproval of 72%, a support of 8%, and that 20% are unaware or indifferent to his work.

In recent weeks, Boluarte has been denounced by the Attorney General’s Office for alleged corruption, following the luxury watches and jewelry she wore in official ceremonies without having declared them, and of course cover-up before the arrest of his brother Nicanor Boluarte and his lawyer Mateo Castañeda for influence peddling.

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Fuente: El Comercio Perú // EFE

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