Bolivian Journalists Condemn Argentine Censorship of TeleSUR

May 8, 2024 Hour: 1:50 pm

On Wednesday, the Association of Alternative Media of Bolivia (AMAB) harshly condemned Argentine President Javier Milei for censoring teleSUR transmission in Argentine territory.


ALBA-TCP Rejects the Removal of TeleSUR Signal From DTT in Argentina

“We condemn the Argentine government’s dictatorial attitude by eliminating the teleSUR news channel from the channel grid. We regret that the administration of Javier Milei, who claims to be libertarian, restricts the Argentine people’s right to information,” AMAB stated.

“Citizens have greater knowledge of the world’s reality when they have a wide space of information allowing them to choose the type of news or communication products,” it added.

The AMAB took the opportunity to remember that a similar censorship occurred in 2019, when teleSUR broadcast to the world the U.S.-backed coup d’état that replaced President Evo Morales with Senator Jeanine Añez.

“Just like in Bolivia, during the Jeanine Añez Coup d’état, teleSUR once again suffers the suspension of its signal. This time, however, this is happening in Argentina, which we cannot allow,” AMAB stressed.

“Just as we did in 2019, we condemn this type of abuse of freedom of the press and expression, of the freedom that citizens have to know the other side of local, national, and international news,” it added.

“We ask international entities that consider themselves press freedom defenders to speak out and take our protest to Javier Milei, who attacks the work of Argentine journalists and the media every day. Our full support for our teleSUR brothers,” AMAB stated.

Autor: teleSUR/ JF

Fuente: AMAB

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