Bolivia and Paraguay To Increase Cooperation in Energy and Fertilizers

Presidents Santiago Peña (L) and Luis Arce (R), June 13, 2024. Photo: X/ @LuchoXBolivia

June 14, 2024 Hour: 9:07 am

“When we work together, we are unbeatable,” Paraguayan President Peña stated.

On Thursday, Bolivian President Luis Arce and Paraguayan President Santiago Peña held a meeting in La Paz, where they discussed matters related to increasing the trade flow of fuels and fertilizers.


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“During the visit of our brother, the President of Paraguay, Santiago Peña, we signed important agreements for the benefit of our peoples, including the Framework Agreement for Technical and Scientific Cooperation and the Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation on Consular and Migration Affairs. These joint efforts are part of the mandate from our peoples. United we are stronger!” Arce stressed.

In statements to the media, Peña highlighted that Bolivia has increased its productive capacity and has a significant competitive advantage in the production of natural gas and mineral extraction.

Given that Bolivia is currently a major producer of fertilizers, he expressed his willingness to promote the import of inputs such as urea to Paraguay, a country that has established itself as a major producer of grains and food.

“We are looking at how we could improve logistics so that trade exchange is much smoother,” the Paraguayan president indicated, adding that there is also a frequent exchange of diesel and gas between both countries.

President Luis Arce’s text reads, “As governments responding to the people, we understand perfectly that the unity between Bolivia and Paraguay facilitates work and paves the way to improve our people’s quality of life.”

On Friday, Eddie Jara, the president of the state-owned Petroleos Paraguayos (Petropar), will hold meetings with Armin Dorgathen, the president of the state-owned Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB), to explore areas of mutual benefit between the two nations.

“For us, it is essential that Bolivia sees Paraguay as a stable and secure supplier. This will also allow us to increase purchases and lower prices. Paraguay has its strengths and Bolivia has its own. When we work together, we are unbeatable,” Peña stated.

The presidents of Paraguay and Bolivia signed a joint declaration in which they agreed to provide facilities for the supply, transit, and transportation of fuels, as well as to promote the establishment of bilateral alliances in the hydrocarbons sector.

In addition to meeting with Arce, the Paraguayan president also had a meeting with representatives of Bolivian business associations, including Giovanni Ortuño, the president of the Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs of Bolivia (CEPB).

Sources: EFE – ABI


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