ALBA Rejects U.S. Sanctions Against Nicaragua

May 16, 2024 Hour: 7:27 pm

The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of the Americas Free Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) rejected on Thursday the new sanctions imposed by the United States against Nicaraguan government officials, as well as companies affiliated with the Daniel Ortega administration.

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“Washington again assaults this sister nation, a member of our Bolivarian Alliance, through a series of unilateral coercive measures directed against companies and more than 250 public officials, including police, prosecutors, judges, among others”, says a block statement.

In his view, these measures “seek to alter the economic and political stability of this country, in order to hinder its legitimate right to development”.

The alliance “demands respect for the sovereignty of the free peoples of Our America and the Caribbean, while reaffirming its unrestricted support and solidarity with the people and the government of reconciliation and national unity” of Nicaragua, the statement said.

The communiqué comes from the fact that the United States launched a round of sanctions against the Nicaraguan government that affect dozens of officials and companies, for attacking human rights and being “complicit in the exploitation of migrants”.

Senior White House officials reported in a press call that the State Department imposed visa restrictions on more than 250 people, including dozens of members of the Nicaraguan government and their families, for supporting “the attack on the human rights of the regime of (Daniel) Ortega and (Rosario) Murillo”.

Last March, the U.S. imposed other sanctions that restrict the import and export of US defense goods and services to or from that Central American country.

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