Yemeni Forces Use New Ballistic Missile Against Israeli Troops

Houthi Patrol in the streets of Sanaa, June, 3, 2024 Photo: EFE

June 3, 2024 Hour: 9:17 pm

The houthis attacked a military target in Eilat with the ballistic missile ‘Palestine’, which the Yemeni Armed Forces revealed today for the first time”.

On Monday, Yemeni forces claimed an attack on the coastal town of Eilat in southern Israel. The Houthis claimed to have launched for the first time a new type of ballistic missile which they named ‘Palestine’.

Houthi Rebels Attacks Six Ships Allied With Israel and West

According to military spokesman Yahya Sari, the houthis attacked a “military target” in Eilat “with the ballistic missile ‘Palestine’, which the Yemeni Armed Forces revealed today for the first time”, while claiming that the missile reached its objective “successfully”.

Despite the claim of the attack the Yemeni forces offered no details about the new Houthi missile.

General Yahya Sari also claimed that the attacks are a response to the Zionist invader and the offensive carried out in Gaza.

The text reads,
Statement by the Yemeni Armed Forces regarding the operation to target the Umm Al-Rashrash area in southern occupied Palestine with the “Palestine” ballistic missile, which was revealed today for the first time.

This attack comes just days after at least 16 people were killed in a new US and UK bombing campaign against Houthi military positions in Yemen.

The rebels responded on the same day by launching a barrage of ballistic missiles and cruiser missiles at the powerful American carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Red Sea.

Since the resumption of the offensive in Gaza by Israel, Hutu forces have not ceased their attacks on Hebrew positions and vessels of Western powers.

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