Yemen Marches in Support of Palestine and Against Israel

May 3, 2024 Hour: 9:01 pm

On Friday, the people of Yemen marched in support of Palestine and condemning the Israeli genocide in the Gaza Strip. He also accused the attitudes of the Western powers towards Israel’s actions.


Gaza Strip: Egypt Accelerates Contacts for Ceasefire

Under the motto Yemen’s allegiance from Al-Ansar to the Free Gaza, the Yemenis sent blessings to their brothers in Palestine. The marches occurred mainly in the cities of Sana’a, Sa’dah, Rayma and Marib.

The Yemenis announced the fourth round of escalation against the Israeli enemy and warned the United States about the continued aggression and siege of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The military spokesman for the Houthis, Yahya Saree, spoke about this, “we will target any ship heading to Israeli ports in the Mediterranean Sea in any area we can reach,” the Houthi spokesman added.

 The text reads, 

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Yemen in support of student solidarity with Gaza

Saree also reported the beginning of an escalation of aggression against US, UK and Israeli ships, in response to the military offensive against Rafah, which according to different international organizations will end in a massacre.

“The Yemeni armed forces… will not hesitate to prepare for broader and stronger escalation stages until the aggression is stopped and the siege of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is lifted,” he said.

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