Violence Against Syrian Refugees in Türkiye Leaves 474 Detained

Riots in in Kayseri, Türkiye. Photo: X/ @AziziBeren

July 2, 2024 Hour: 9:54 am

The wave of violence began in Kayseri, after media outlets reported on the abuse of a 5-year-old Syrian girl by an adult.

On Tuesday, Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya informed that Turkish authorities detained 474 people for participating in attacks against Syrian refugees in various regions of the country.


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The wave of violence began Sunday night in Kayseri, after media outlets reported on the abuse of a 5-year-old Syrian girl by an adult, supposedly a Syrian relative of the victim.

The case triggered strong protests against the central government’s policy of welcoming millions of refugees, which quickly escalated into attacks against these individuals. In two days, the violent wave has spread to several regions of Turkey and areas in northern Syria controlled by the Turkish army.

While Syrian refugees are being attacked in Kayseri and other Turkish provinces, in Syria, the aggression is directed against Turkish soldiers, entities, and symbols.

On Monday, at least four people were killed and more than 20 were injured in clashes with Turkish forces in two northwestern Syrian cities during protests against attacks on the shops and homes of Syrian citizens in the city of Kayseri.

The demonstrations took place in at least 15 areas in northwestern Syria in response to “the racist practices against Syrian refugees in Turkey, forced deportation campaigns, and attacks on their properties by racist Turks,” reported the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

“Let’s not commit crimes by harming people, the environment, and property through illegal means. Our State is strong. Those who conspire against our State and nation will receive the response they deserve,” Interior Minister Yerlikaya said, calling for calm.

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