Venezuela Greets the Russian People on Anniversary of Sovereignty Declaration

Russia Day commemorative image. Photo: X/ @MatreshkaRF

June 12, 2024 Hour: 11:04 am

This day is a symbol of the continuity of the Russian millennium path, President Putin said.

Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil sent a congratulatory greeting to Russia on Wednesday, the 34th anniversary of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Russian State.


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“This June 12 marks the 34th anniversary of Russia Day, which commemorates the Declaration of National Sovereignty in 1990 when the Russian Federation was born. On behalf of President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela joins the celebration of the brother Russian people, with which we have strong and unbreakable ties of friendship and cooperation,” Gil said.

Venezuelan diplomacy extended its congratulations to President Vladimir Putin, highlighting that his leadership and wisdom have ushered in a new and vigorous era in the Russian nation.

“Venezuela expresses its recognition of the invaluable role that the Russian Federation plays in the consolidation of multilateralism, as a guarantee of international peace and security, as well as its positive leadership in the construction of the multipolar world, making special mention of its work to strengthen of the BRICS strategic alliance, in the search for a more just and balanced world order,” it added.

“The Bolivarian Government reiterates its unwavering decision to strengthen the brotherhood, solidarity and friendship between Russia and Venezuela, in a strategic union beneficial for both peoples and active in the defense of the sovereign right of nations to materialize their integral development, in accordance with the principles of mutual respect, cooperation and fraternity among peoples,” the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Ministry stated.

Russia Day is celebrated every June 12 in commemoration of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Russian State after the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991. Putin said that the celebration of this day is historically correct as it is a symbol of the continuity of the Russian millennium path.

“Today, in these difficult times for our country, we are once again united by patriotism and responsibility for the destiny of the country. These feelings are close and dear to all of us, they are a firm basis for the participants in the special military operation in Ukraine,” the Russian leader pointed out.

Sources: EFE – FAM


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