Texas National Guard Acts as if SB4 Bill Is in Effect

February 19, 2024 Hour: 1:15 pm

On Sunday, human rights defenders in Ciudad Juarez condemned the expulsion by the Texas National Guard of a group of migrants who had already crossed into the United States.


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Cameramen from the EFE news agency documented how two guards pushed at least three migrants who were already on U.S. territory next to the wall, where they should not touch them, and forced them to return to the Rio Grande.

Upon seeing that the incident was being documented, a Texas National Guard member aimed a green laser beam at the EFE cameras, thus causing damage to the reporters’ equipment.

Juan Fierro, director of The Good Samaritan shelter in Ciudad Juarez, stated that the Texas National Guards preempted the entry into force on March 5 of SB4 Law, which will allwo them to detain and immediately deport migrants who enter Texas through unauthorized points.

“The National Guard receives orders to distance these people, and if these people do not want to move away from the wall, they are attacked, and this will cause a conflict,” Pastor Fierro said, warning that SB4 law is incentivizing some authorities to behave aggressively.

Zoyla Velazco, a migrant who arrived in Juarez from El Salvador, questioned the violence against migrants when entering the United States.

“I have seen a lot of mistreatment towards our compatriots and other migrants… We are not here to harm anyone. We want a future for our family, and what we want is to work,” she said.

“It is not fair because there are human rights. They should have a little compassion for the children… the treatment is inhumane.”

Autor: teleSUR/ JF

Fuente: EFE

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