Macri and Milei Are Responsible for Poverty in Argentina: CFK

February 19, 2024 Hour: 10:34 am

On Monday, former Argentine president and vice president Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner blamed former president Mauricio Macri and current president Javier Milei for the poverty rate surpassing 57.4 percent.


Argentina: Poverty Rises 13 Points in Milei’s Two Months Ruling

“Today we are worse off than in 2004,” Fernandez-Kirchner said, emphasizing that the far-right President Milei’s economic policies are plunging millions of Argentines into hunger.

Previously, the Argentine Catholic University’s Social Debt Observatory (ODSA-UCA) published a report showing that the poverty rate rose from 49.5 percent in December to 57.4 percent in January.

This is the highest poverty rate since 2004 when Argentina reached 54 percent poverty. Currently, nearly 27 million people are living in poverty.

The text reads, “Cristina on poverty in Argentina: ‘They are playing with the Argentinians’ table.’ “The vice president was very harsh with the governments of Mauricio Macri and Javier Milei after analyzing the evolution of poverty.”

Between December 2023 and January 2024, the extreme poverty rate rose from 14.2 percent to 15 percent, which represents 7 million indigent people.

Since assuming the presidency on Dec. 10, 2023, Milei has implemented economic policies that have driven inflation above 200 percent, thus causing a sharp decline in real incomes for the population. All this happened while the far-right politician swore that the burden of the crisis would be borne by the political elites, whom he derogatorily calls “The Caste.”

Fernandez-Kirchner recalled that the current critical situation began to take shape with Macri’s decisions regarding external debt, which facilitated the return of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to the economic decision-making processes in this South American country.

This created a structural condition that prevented the government of Alberto Fernandez (2019-2023) from finding solutions to the “Gordian knot of the Argentine economy.”

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