Landslides Leave 15 Dead in Bangladesh and India

Landslides Caused by Torrential Rains in Southeast Asia, June 19, 2024 Photo: @MohammedZonaid8

June 19, 2024 Hour: 6:51 pm

Heavy rains and heat waves have caused a humanitarian crisis in recent months in this region.

Some 15 people have been killed, several injured and millions displaced in Bangladesh and India as a result of heavy monsoon rains in the region.


Cyclone Ramal Sweeps India and Bangladesh

This Wednesday, eight civilians died in southern Bangladesh, where more than one million Muslim Rohingya live in crowded camps in the border district of Cox’s Bazar, the world’s largest refugee settlement, after fleeing neighbouring Myanmar in 2017.

Meanwhile, the police officer in charge of security, Amir Jafar, reported that hundreds of people had been transferred from areas considered at risk.

According to the Global Climate Risk Index, this country is among the most vulnerable to disasters and climate change.

The Bangladesh meteorological office also indicated that it expected heavy rains to continue over the next few days.

While in the neighboring Indian state of Assam, at least six people died from flooding and landslides on Tuesday night.

The waters exceeded the danger level in the Kopili, one of the largest tributaries of the Brahmaputra, which is among the largest rivers in India, leaving more than 160,000 people affected by climatic conditions in Assam.

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