Honduras Advances the Teaching Recess Due to Air Pollution

May 20, 2024 Hour: 4:34 pm

The Ministry of Education of Honduras, decided on Monday to advance the holiday period to students due to the toxic layer of pollution and the heat wave that affect the Central American country.

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The teaching break will begin this Tuesday and will last until Friday 24.  The educational institution assured that The decision is due to the “effects of climate change throughout the national territory, which have left an intense layer of smoke and a strong heat wave in much of our country”.

The Ministry of Education pointed out that school principals must take the necessary measures to ensure the delivery of school snacks to parents in state schools.

However, he pointed out that administrative workers at the central level, departmental, municipal and district directorates must work in normal hours.

 The text reads, 

The sun turns red this Monday, due to the high pollution from toxic smoke that has predominated for several weeks in Honduras.

The air quality index (AQI) remained in the “dangerous” category above 400, on a scale of up to 500 points, levels of pollution that can affect even healthy people and severely affect people with respiratory diseases.

In addition, the pollution has led the authorities to close the international airport of Toncontín, in Tegucigalpa, due to the lack of visibility.

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