Heavy Rains Leave Over 7,000 People affected in Central America

Flooding of a river in El Salvador, June 21, 2024. Photo: X/ @elsalvador

June 21, 2024 Hour: 12:47 pm

So far, the countries most affected by the ravages of the rains have been El Salvador and Honduras.

In the third week of June, intense rains in Central America have left at least 16 dead and over 7,000 people affected. As of Tuesday, the most affected countries had been El Salvador and Honduras, with 11 and 5 dead respectively.


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In El Salvador, the rainy season caused damage to public and private infrastructure, forcing 1,900 people to move to shelters. The eastern and western regions of the country are the most affected, with continuous rains that have left homes flooded, rivers overflowing, crops inundated, fallen trees, and blocked roads.

In Honduras, the Office of Risk Management and National Contingencies sent humanitarian aid to the south of the country, the area most affected by the floodwaters resulting from the rains.

Earlier this week, Honduran authorities declared a red alert in the municipality of Alianza due to the overflow of the Goascorán River, which also affected the Costa de los Amates area, where several villages and communities were cut off. So far, there have been no deaths in Honduras. However, authorities have reported 66 damaged homes, over 5,700 affected citizens, and 95 evacuated people.

The text reads, “Two girls died after their home collapsed due to the rains, in the Quiróz neighborhood, Soyapango. The lifeless bodies have already were recovered by the Government’s first response teams.”

In Guatemala, President Bernardo Arevalo indicated on Tuesday that the main highway to the south of the country, which suffered a collapse due to rains a few days ago, will remain closed for at least three weeks while repairs are carried out.

The collapsed section connects Guatemala City with the Pacific Ocean and is the only route for transporting goods from various ports. In the past two weeks, Guatemalan authorities recorded five deaths, eight people missing, and over 650 residents evacuated from their homes.

In recent days, the situation has improved in Panama and Costa Rica, where the risk of flooding has decreased. In these countries, there have been no deaths or a high number of people affected by the rains.

Sources: EFE

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