EMTRASUR Rejects Detention of Its Aircraft in Argentina

January 4, 2024 Hour: 10:25 am

On Thursday, the Southern Aerocargo Transport Company (EMTRASUR) denounced as arbitrary and illegal the detention of one of its aircraft in Argentina. Below is the public statement issued by the Venezuelan company.


Venezuela Condemns Argentina Theft Attempt of EMTRASUR Aircraft

“The Southern Aerocargo Transport Company (EMTRASUR), a Venezuelan state-owned company dedicated to the operation of cargo and mail transport services, duly authorized by the National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (INAC) with the assigned code by the International Civil Aviation Organization, AOC ESU-078, categorically rejects and condemns the arbitrary and illegal decision of the Lomas de Zamora Federal Court, by Judge Federico Villena.

With this arbitrary decision and the illegal detention of the crew in Argentina for five months, along with the seizure of the aircraft for a year and six months without any evidence, coupled with the material losses caused by damages to the Venezuelan public patrimony, the Argentine government not only violated human rights but also the due process in compliance with international regulations.

Argentina, being a member state of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), violated its obligations applicable to air navigation under the Convention on International Civil Aviation and the Convention on Transit of International Air Services, which prohibits the embargo of an aircraft in service.

Furthermore, it contradicts the rulings of Judge Federico Villena, who concludes that the release of the crew and the aircraft, ordered by the Court, demonstrates that there are no valid elements of conviction to determine the commission of an unlawful act related to espionage and terrorist actions by EMTRASUR.

During the process, tt has been proven to the Argentine authorities that the company complied with all legal permits, the respective flight plan, demonstrated the legitimate ownership of the aircraft, and the legality of the cargo verified and corroborated by the Argentine customs authority at the time of its release.

EMTRASUR reserves the right to pursue legal actions for damages to the company’s patrimony, violation of human rights, and violation of the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

Additionally, international aeronautical authorities are urged to enforce current legal regulations and not grant overflight or technical stop authorization to the aircraft with registration YV 3531, Make: Boeing Model: 747-3b3; Serial: 23413; Engines Make: General Electric CF6-50E2, Serials: 530450, 530436, 517675, and 530127, owned by EMTRASUR, as it would be complicit in the theft of this legitimate property of the Venezuelan air cargo transport company.”

Autor: teleSUR/ JF


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