Detained 63 Illegal Migrants Who Traveled in Unhealthy Conditions in Mexico

Photos of the mgrants detained by the mexican forces, June 30 2024 Photo: @DiarioLaPrensa

June 30, 2024 Hour: 4:33 pm

The arrest was made at the Precos military checkpoint, located less than 50 kilometers from the Border with the United States

On Sunday, the National Institute of Migration (INM) of Mexico, stopped a trailer containing 63 irregular migrants, which were traveling in subhuman conditions to the United States.

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The arrest was made at the Precos military checkpoint, located on the Chihuahua highway towards the Ciudad Juárez border, less than 50 kilometers from the border with the United States.

In the words of the INM, 18 of the migrants came from Guatemala, 23 from Ecuador, six from El Salvador, two from the Dominican Republic, and five from Honduras.

In addition, the Mexican forces detected three entire families, including several minors, who were separated from their parents and guardians at the time of arrest.

The text reads,
The National Migration Institute (INM) of Mexico detains 63 migrants, including 3 Hondurans, in extreme conditions near Ciudad Juárez. Operation reveals complexities and risks on the migration route to the United States.

Together with the group, three other minors were arrested, they were not accompanied by any adult or responsible. The infants came from the Savior.

Adults travelling alone were transferred to immigration facilities, while family nuclei were taken to the Administrative Office for Channelling Unaccompanied, Unaccompanied and Separated Children and Adolescents.

The three unaccompanied minors went to the Comprehensive Care Centre for Migrant Children and Adolescents, Casa del Menor Migrante, in the city of Juarez.

The review point in which these migrants were detected is the last before reaching the border town of Ciudad Juárez, which in recent years has become the epicenter of the migratory phenomenon towards the United States.

To get around this checkpoint, many migrants opt for dangerous routes such as the dune body of Samalayuca where some migrants have already died in recent weeks due to dehydration, hunger or have been killed by smugglers.

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