Cuban Ozonated Soaps: Another Achievement of Science in Cuba

March 10, 2024 Hour: 6:23 pm

CNIC Building
The National Center for Scientific Research (CNIC) has as its mission the development of natural, biomedical and technological sciences in the country.

The National Center for Scientific Research (CNIC) is currently working on the manufacture of about ten thousand units a day and approximately two hundred thousand toilet soaps based on ozonated sunflower oil (OLEOZON); currently it is the most important production of the institution.


Cuban Biotechnology, Pride of a Caribbean Island

Glenda Otero Rodríguez, a technologist at the CNIC’s soap plant, explained that while soaps can be made from any active ingredient such as propolis, sulfur or other ozonated vegetable oil, sunflower oil was chosen for being the best scientific results demonstrated and for having a better acceptance by the public.

The production process despite being quite fast, and the numbers exceed thousands, these figures are insufficient in view of the high demand that exists and does not manage to supply even fifty percent. The biggest delays in production are due to technological failures and maintenance problems; according to Otero Rodríguez.

Although there are no commercial contracts, soap was exported to countries such as Mexico, Venezuela and Spain. Currently the goal is to increase and diversify the production to pills of thirty-one hundred and twenty grams, as well as add fragrance; a constant demand of the people who use it.

According to the article Uses and properties of ozonated vegetable oils. The Cuban experience published in 2010 by the journal CNIC, OLEOZON has a high clinical effectiveness against dermatological infections caused by fungi, viruses and bacteria, dermatitis or skin lesions such as scars, as well as its suitability to combat inflammatory acne. It also works as an oxygenator and dermal revitalizer.

These soaps can be purchased in any pharmacy of the national network, and in some stores specialized in the sale of products of natural origin at a price of twenty-one Cuban pesos.

In the country there are other units of medicinal soaps, such as the Production Plant of the Placental Histotherapy Center but the CNIC is the only one in the country equipped with the necessary technology to make these soaps based on ozonated vegetable oil.

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