Zionist forces bring the total number of Palestinians killed to 38,243

Merkaba Tank of the Israel Defense Forces, July 2024 Photo: @Daly_News_Field

July 9, 2024 Hour: 1:53 pm

The Zionist entity since October 7 has caused the deaths of 38,243 people and 88,033 injured, the vast majority of them women and children.

The Health Ministry of the Gaza Strip reported on Tuesday that in the last 24 hours the Israeli occupying forces committed three massacres against families, killing 50 people and injuring 130.

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The Health portfolio reiterated that the death toll does not include the more than 13,000 bodies that remain under the rubble, making it impossible for ambulances and rescue teams to access them due to the constant attacks by the Israeli army.

The Al Ahli Baptist medical centres and the Friends of the Patient Hospital were shut down because of the increase in genocide in Gaza, the advance of the Israeli army and the evacuation of much of the city.

In that sense, the Palestinian Red Crescent warned this Tuesday on its X page that all its health centers in Gaza are out of service “Due to the forced evacuation measures of the Israeli occupation in several areas of the governorate where these medical and clinical points are located”. 

Also, the director of the Gazan Ministry of Health, Munir al Bursh, reported that in northern Gaza all health services in health centers are suspended.

According to the press, «Nine citizens, most of them children, were killed and several others were injured when an Israeli drone bombed the Bureij refugee camp (center)».

Meanwhile, in the Nuseirat refugee camp another attack left seven dead, while in the Deir al Balah camp, a mother and her son lost their lives.

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