Yemeni Rebels Sink Destroyer Ship in the Red Sea

May 15, 2024 Hour: 6:19 pm

The spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces (YAF), Brigadier General Yahya Saree confirmed on Wednesday the attack on the destroyer ship USS Mason, of the United States forces.


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Yahy Saree explained that the Houthis also carried out an attack on the merchant ship Destiny heading towards Israel.

The reasons why the YAF decided to go against Destiny revolve around the violation by the commercial vessel of the Yemeni measure prohibiting Israeli ships from heading towards occupied Palestinian territory.

The Houthi spokesman explained that Destiny deceived the YAF, saying that it was traveling in the direction of “an unaffiliated port,” but, according to Saree, was sailing towards Eliat, a territory south of Israel.

 The text reads, 

“The naval forces, missile forces, and the unmanned air force targeted the “Destiny” ship in the Red Sea in a joint operation, and the hit was accurate.” From a statement by the spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Yahya Saree

Meanwhile, on the American destroyer vessel (boat designed to escort larger ships in fleets, convoys or battle groups), the YAF spokesman announced that the vessel was attacked with missiles and that it was impaled by at least one of them.

However, other media claim that the attack on the USS Mason occurred two days ago and that the ship “managed to intercept the missile with which they attacked it”; however, so far, the American authorities have not spoken about it.

Houthi attacks have hampered trade through the vital corridor that allows access to the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea. However, in recent days there has been a decrease in attacks on boats crossing this route.

This slowdown, according to the US, is due to the fact that “air strikes and interceptions of Houthi shells” by US forces have “damaged their attacks” and have caused casualties in their weapons reserves.

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