Yemeni Forces Discover U.S. and Israel Spy Network

American Embassy in Israel, June 2024 Photo: X/ @DebbieGSGN

June 10, 2024 Hour: 10:50 pm

Among the members of the network is “a former US embassy staff” in Israel.

On Monday, the Houthi rebels of Yemen claimed, in a televised press conference by the Al Masira network, that they arrested a «US-Israeli espionage cell».

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According to the head of intelligence of this armed group, Abdel Hakim Al-Jaiwani, among the members of the spy network is “a former US embassy staff” in Israel. «The US-Israeli spy cell carried out for decades espionage and sabotage activities in official and unofficial institutions in favor of the enemy», he said.

According to an account of their statements, tabulated by Al Mayadeen, the network operates “in several institutions since 2015”. He also managed to collect “important information in various fields”, promoting them to “enemy intelligence services”.

“The network was able to influence decision makers, penetrate state agencies and work to attract officials (…) It worked to influence, control and hit the economy by collecting information and carrying out acts of sabotage, (as well as) to damage agriculture, increasing agricultural pests in the country with the aim of encouraging agricultural imports,” said Al Mayadeen.

Following this line, the leader of the Houthi rebels told the press that the spies sought to “undermine health in the country by spreading epidemics, attacking education and spreading moral corruption”. It also provided US and Israeli intelligence with “military information aimed at weakening the army and its capabilities”.

Finally, this network, according to statements, informed the enemy seeking to “weaken military development and helped to support the aggression against the country during the last years”.

The rebel group announced on Monday that they would provide information on a “major strategic security achievement”, which they called “unprecedented”.

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Fuente: Almayadeen-Aljazeera

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