Venezuelans Show Their Support for President Maduro in Zulia

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Maracaibo, June 20, 2024. Photo: X/@PresidencialVen

June 21, 2024 Hour: 8:49 am

The Bolivarian leader announced the creation of the La Guajira Intercultural Bilingual University.

On Thursday, thousands of Venezuelans in the state of Zulia mobilized to receive President Nicolas Maduro and express their support for him in the presidential elections to be held on July 28.


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“In 500 years, the colonial empires tried to make us disappear, and they could not and will never be able to defeat us, the Indo-American revolution of the 21st century!” the Bolivarian leader said during a meeting with the Wayuu and Añu Indigenous peoples in the municipality of Mara.

Maduro also announced several projects that will be carried out for the benefit of the population. Among them is the construction of the Mara solar park, which will generate 50 megawatts and serve the La Guajira, Mara, Insular, and Almirante Padilla territories.

The Venezuelan president also announced the creation of the La Guajira Intercultural Bilingual Territorial University, the approval of funding for the construction of the new coastal road between the municipalities of Mara and Almirante Padilla, and the rehabilitation of the Paraguaipoa Comprehensive Diagnostic Center.

President Nicolas Maduro’s text reads, “With the ancestral strength of the Wayuu and Añu peoples, in the Mara municipality of Zulia state, we are moving forward and nothing is going to stop us!

Subsequently, Maduro had a meeting with people in Maracaibo, where he reiterated that the Venezuelan far-right, which has been perverse and criminal as an opposition force, would be disastrous if it comes to the presidency of the republic.

“In Maracaibo, I proclaim the maximum unity of the Chavista, Bolivarian, and independence forces… Unity to shout to the oligarchy that the united people will never be defeated!” he emphasized.

On Thursday, President Maduro also participated in an event for the rehabilitation of the Zulia Singing Children Theater and then in the inauguration ceremony of the Gaita Foundation.

“I am very happy to be here to see this dream come true: the headquarters of the Gaita Foundation,” he said, referring to an institution that will promote the development of the musical genre known as “La Gaita Zuliana” among Venezuelan youth.

During this event, the radio station Gaiterisima 94.7 FM was also inaugurated, where the Bolivarian leader broadcast an edition of the program “With Maduro, Suddenly” dedicated to the gaita musical genre.

Sources: VTV – Prensa Presidencial

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