Venezuelan Right Threatens Opposition Mayors Who Support President Maduro’s Candidacy

Legislator Jorge Rodriguez shows threats against Mayor Pedro Abreu, July 9, 2024. Photo: teleSUR

July 9, 2024 Hour: 2:29 pm

Right-wingers want to sow violence because they lack popular support to win the presidential elections, Rodriguez said.

On Tuesday, Jorge Rodriguez, the head of the Our Venezuela Campaign command, denounced that far-right militants threatened opposition mayors who decided to support President Nicolas Maduro in the July 28 elections.


Venezuelan Opposition Mayors Support President Maduro’s Candidacy

He also mentioned that the National Assembly’s Interior Commission and the Prosecutor’s Office will initiate an investigation into the threats against Pedro Abreu, the mayor of Rojas in the state of Barinas.

During a press conference, Rodriguez denounced that Abreu received anonymous calls threatening to burn down the home where his mother was resting due to her illness. The outer walls of Abreu’s residence were also vandalized with threatening graffiti.

“The terrorists unleashed their violence against Mayor Abreu as soon as they found out he made a decision in defense of peace, harmony, and consensus,” legislator Rodriguez said.

The head of the Our Venezuela Campaign command asked those international organizations that usually defend the Venezuelan far-right not to ignore these aggressions and to explicitly reject them.

“We want to see what the Carter Center will say about these events. If they came to observe the elections, then let them observe this too,” stressed Rodriguez, who also condemned the use of violence as a political tool.

“Once again, the Venezuelan far-right wants to sow violence and disrupt our country’s peace because they know they lack popular support to win the presidential elections on July 28,” he added.

“These supposed ‘democracy defenders’ have long known they are lost. They have been crying ‘fraud’ even before the elections begin. They always resort to violence because they have neither reason nor support. They want to test the patience of Venezuelans,” Rodriguez concluded.

Autor: teleSUR/ JF

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