Venezuela Inaugurate its First Electronic Microscopy Laboratory

May 25, 2024 Hour: 1:12 pm

The Government of Venezuela inaugurated a scanning electronic microscopy laboratory, with the aim of strengthening the development of scientific research in different areas such as nanotechnology, new materials, engineering and geology, as reported today by the Ministry of People’s Power for Science and Technology.


Venezuelan President Finances 210 Scientific Research Projects

In this regard, the Minister of Popular Power for Science and Technology, Gabriela Jiménez Ramírez, indicated that the Scanning Electron Microscopy is one of the fundamental pillars in the development of science and technology, since it is an essential technique in the morphological, structural and compositional characterization of solid surfaces through images with different resolution.

Jiménez also explained that the availability of this brand new laboratory, located in the Scientific Pole of Sarteneja, Baruta, Miranda state, is a “stimulus” to develop capabilities in the areas of nanotechnology, new materials, engineering, industrial applications, pharmacy, geology, mineralogy, criminology, as well as agriculture.

One of the fundamental pillars in the development of Science and Technology is the characterization of materials. Within this field of science, one of the most applicable techniques is Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), which allows the morphological, structural and compositional characterization of solid surfaces through images with different resolution.

“Thanks to the will and support of President Nicolas Maduro, we overcome the difficulties generated by the blockade, achieving the acquisition of two new electronic microscopes for the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation. In this way, our country has the most modern and sophisticated tools in this area,” said the minister.

The official pointed out that in this project are interconnected several universities and institutions of the country, and that it is intended to recover the capabilities in electron microscopy in Venezuela which points out the minister “it was cradle in the developments driven by the doctor Humberto Fernández Morán, and this adorns our Great Mission Science, Technology and Innovation.”

On Thursday, the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, approved a total of 7,657,093 dollars to finance 210 research projects, led by women, linked to different areas such as agri-food, pharmaceutical, hydrocarbons, telecommunications, industry and education to continue promoting the development of the economy.

Maduro highlighted that 70 research projects are related to the agro-food sector, 41 to the pharmaceutical sector, 29 to the field of social sciences, 15 to the “dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge”, 14 to hydrocarbons, 14 to environment, 6 to industry, 10 to the “scientific hotbed” and 1 to education.

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