Venezuela: Great Patriotic Pole Activates Its Political Mobilization Method

Diosdado Cabello and other other leaders of the Great Patriotic Pole. June 14, 2024. Photo: teleSUR

June 14, 2024 Hour: 2:41 pm

Each Chavista has been called to win the vote of 10 citizens every day in order to guarantee massive participation in the elections.

On Friday, Diosdado Cabello, the vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), led the launch of the “1x10x7” political movilization method aimed at achieving a decisive popular victory in the presidential elections on July 28.


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Accompanied by leaders and militants of the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), he recalled that President Nicolas Maduro asked the Chavista forces to intensify citizen mobilization to ensure a decisive vote.

Summarized with the formula “1x10x7”, the GPP’s political mobilization method seeks that each Chavista sympathizer or militant conquer the vote of 10 citizens each day so as to guarantee massive turnout in the presidential elections.

Cabello emphasized that the consolidation of the popular organization is a condition for victory in the presidential elections, which in turn will be a condition for guaranteeing peace in Venezuela.

“Chavismo is a powerful force, but we need to go further,” the PSUV leader, highlighting the importance of achieving higher levels of coordination between progressive organizations to capture electoral preferences.

The text reads, “Diosdado Cabello pointed out that, 44 days before the presidential elections, Maduro is the only candidate with a concrete government plan. ‘Why don’t the other candidates present their government programs? Because they don’t have one or they don’t want to show it’.”

Cabello also reminded that Venezuela has gone through 30 electoral processes over the last 24 years and that the people are well aware of the political maneuvers the far-right usually employs to justify its defeats.

“There have already been 30 electoral processes. Every time the right-wingers lose, they come up with the story that there has been fraud, but they have never presented a single piece of evidence,” he said and urged citizens not to naively think that the Venezuelan far-right has changed its ways.

“They are still the same as they were in 2002,” Cabello stated, alluding to the right-wingers that carried out a coup d’état against President Hugo Chavez but were decisively defeated by the people within a few hours.

The PSUV vice president also highlighted that no Venezuelan political party has the organizational capacity that the Chavista movement has demonstrated in all elections, mobilizing militants committed to working house by house to spread the Bolivarian proposals.

“We have plenty of arguments to knock on doors and go beyond the Chavista militancy. We have 53 social movements, and that is an extraordinary force,” Cabello stated.

Sources: VTV – PSUV – SARE teleSUR/JF

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