UN Holds Israeli Army Accountable for Child Harm

Human and material damage caused by Israeli bombardments in Nuseirat camp, June 6, 2024 Photo: EFE

June 7, 2024 Hour: 9:56 pm

It includes it in the list of entities that harm minors in the midst of war. The vast majority of children under five in Gaza regularly go at least one full day without food as a result of Israel’s siege. 

The United Nations included the Israeli Army in the blacklist of countries and entities accused of harming children in conflict zones.


Israeli Airstrikes on School and House Kill 13 Palestinians

According to Palestinian Red Crescent data, the Israeli occupation since 7 October has killed more than 15,000 children.

It is very difficult to know how many children have died of starvation, as the official reports reported by the Government of Gaza do not include such data.

Independent news outlet Truthout reported that so far 30 children have died of starvation in Gazas, but the figure is believed to be much higher.

The attacks by the Zionist entity and the complete blockade of the territory so that humanitarian aid does not enter with food, medical equipment and medicines are part of Israel’s campaign with the main objective of exterminating the Palestinian people. 

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Fuente: Europapress-EFE

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