UN Electoral Experts Meet With Venezuelan Foreign Minister Gil

Venezuelan FM Yvan Gil (C) and United Nations experts, July 9, 2024, Photo: X/ @CESPPA_Oficial

July 10, 2024 Hour: 10:01 am

On July 28, over 21.6 million Venezuelans have been called to elect their next president.

On Tuesday, Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil held a meeting with United Nations electoral experts who arrived in Caracas to observe the presidential elections to be carried out on July 28.


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“We had the opportunity to highlight the strengths of the Venezuelan electoral system, which is recognized worldwide as one of the most reliable and transparent,” the Bolivarian diplomat said.

The European experts arrived in Venezuela at the invitation of the National Electoral Council (CNE), in compliance with the 2023 Barbados Agreement, which promotes political rights, electoral guarantees, and the protection of vital rights for all.

They will present a report to UN Secretary Antonio Guterres on the progress of the presidential elections that will take place at the end of the month. To do so, they will have “full freedom to meet with political and social actors, as well as with authorities, and electoral experts.”

Previously, to ensure the transparency of the upcoming presidential elections, the CNE requested the presence of institutions and international organizations from all continents.

Venezuelan authorities sent over 200 invitations to representatives of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, the Caribbean Community, the Inter-American Union of Electoral Organizations, the African Union, the Carter Center, and BRICS countries.

In May, the CNE decided not to invite electoral observers from the European Union due to “the hostile and disrespectful attitude” of that institution towards Venezuela, CNE President Elvis Amoroso said, rejecting the neocolonial and interventionist practices against his nation.

On Sunday, July 28, over 21.6 million Venezuelans have been called to elect their next president in an electoral process in which nine opposition candidates and President Nicolas Maduro are competing.

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