Tunisia: 503 Palestinian Students Granted Monthly Scholarships

January 5, 2024 Hour: 6:05 pm

On Thursday, local media reported that Tunisia intends to grant monthly scholarships to 503 Palestinian students currently studying in Tunisia.

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“The value of the monthly scholarships that Tunisia will provide to Palestinian students is about 400 Tunisian dinars (about 130 U.S. dollars),” Boutheina Gregba, spokesperson for the Tunisian Red Crescent (CRT), was quoted by private radio station Mosaique FM.

Meanwhile, Gregba confirmed that the wounded Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, who were admitted to Tunisian hospitals for treatment, are in a stable state of health.

“Some of them have had surgeries, while others are subject to a rehabilitation program,” added the CRT spokesperson.

The CRT mobilized all available means to provide psychological support to those injured and their families, in coordination with the competent parties and authorities.

“We are ready to receive other wounded, but everything depends on the situation at the border crossing points,” she added.

Tunisia received the first group of 20 wounded Palestinians from the Gaza Strip on Dec. 3, 2023 for treatment, along with 21 family members. On Dec. 19, the second group of 53 wounded Gazans were admitted to both public and private hospitals in Tunis to receive the medical treatment.


Autor: teleSUR/ OSG

Fuente: AfricaNews

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