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    11 January 2019

    Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro greets supporters prior to the ceremonial swearing-in for his second presidential term, at the Supreme Court in Caracas, Venezuela Jan. 10, 2019.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has been inaugurated for a second term in office that would last until 2025. His new term comes amid the continuing economic war against the country and its people using harsh economic sanctions in an effort to oust President Maduro and his progressive government.

While the so-called Lima Group, the United States and other right-wing governments refused to recognize Maduro's new mandate, many progressive governments and international organizations have shown support and solidarity to Maduro. It is a critical moment for the region and the world amid a rise in right-wing politics and governments such as that of far-right Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil. 

Venezuelan President Renews Calls for Regional Integration Amid Diplomatic Attacks

The newly-inaugurated Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro issued a call for Latin American and Caribbean unity and proposed a special regional presidential summit to debate all issues of common interest.

Venezuela: Over 94 Delegates Attend Nicolas Maduro's Inauguration

World leaders and international delegations attended the swearing-in ceremony of Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro for his second term (2019 - 2025) Thursday.

The Case for the Legitimacy of Maduro's Second Term

teleSUR presents counter-arguments to dismantle the attacks by the U.S. and the so-called Lima Group who question the legitimacy of the May 20 elections and Maduro's new mandate.

UN Chief Assures Will Continue Working With Venezuelan Gov't as Maduro Begins 2nd Term

The U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres assured Thursday that it will continue working with the Venezuelan government during the second term of Nicolas Maduro and stressed that it is not his task to recognize or not recognize heads of state.

Venezuela Rejects ‘Dangerous’ Resolution by the OAS

Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Ministry issued an official statement Friday in response to a “dangerous” resolution approved Thursday during an extraordinary session of the Organization of American States (OAS).

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