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  • Demonstrators gather to call for justice in the murder of Trayvon Martin at Leimert Park in Los Angeles, March 22, 2012.
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    22 October 2015

    Demonstrators gather to call for justice in the murder of Trayvon Martin at Leimert Park in Los Angeles, March 22, 2012.

Activists are no longer just talking about instances of police brutality. They are condemning a state-sanctioned system that they say permits campaigns of “police terror” in poor communities, and particularly communities of color.

A growing grassroots movement is simmering across the United States. Coalition groups are condemning what they call state-sanctioned campaigns of “police terror,” a term used to describe the systematic harassment through racial profiling and extrajudicial executions carried out by police mostly against communities of color.

The movement against police brutality and terror is culminating in a three-day action under the slogan #RiseUpOctober, supported by notable figures like scholar and academic Cornel West and actor Jesse Williams.

In recent years, victims of police brutality like Travyon Martin, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and Sandra Bland have become household names through the dedication and hard work of members of The Black Lives Matter movement to disrupt and interrupt U.S. American politics.

Now coalition groups such as Stop Mass Incarceration are building on this community momentum and consciousness to launch the movement against “police terror” in communities of color.

At least 100 families who have lost a family member due to police brutality are expected to be present at the marches, scheduled for Oct. 22-24.

CLICK HERE for LIVE: #RiseUpOctober Urges Direct Action to Combat Police Violence

Powerful Poem by Oakland Activist Cat Brookes

Throughout the United States demonstrators are calling for the end to police brutality. Cat Brooks of the Anti Police-Terror Project in Oakland, California, shares excerpts of her poem “For Oscar,” which describes not knowing how to tell her daughter about the painful weight of police violence on her and her community.

The Latest on Anti-Police Brutality Protests: 

LIVE: #RiseUpOctober Urges Direct Action to Combat Police Violence

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Black Lives Matter: The Real War on Terror

Brooklyn-based Journalist Ashoka Jegroo says that the movement against racialized police brutality aims to challenge state-sanctioned terror.  Read more.

Protesters marching in Harlem on June 22 after the Charleston shooting. | Photo: Ashoka Jegroo 

Justice or Else: Brown and Black Unity at the Million Man March

Amid the racial turmoil that has engulfed the United States since unarmed teenage Trayvon Martin was racially-profiled and killed at the hands of vigilante George Zimmerman, it seems as if every day a new person of color has lost their life at the hands of the United States government or by racist vigilantes. So the polemical Louis Farrakhan, using one of the oldest war tactics, is making the enemy of his enemy a friend. Read More.

US Police Brutality and Institutional Racism

Operation Ghetto Storm Update By Arlene Eisen

Arlene Eisen, author of the study Operation Ghetto Storm: 2012 Annual Report on the Extrajudicial Killings of 313 Black People by Police, Security Guards and Vigilantes, revisits the issue of brutality – especially state-sanctioned violence – against Black People in the United States. READ MORE

Operation Ghetto Storm Update, Part 2 By Arlene Eisen

This is the second of a three-part series investigating the forces behind the unending war waged primarily by police against Black people. READ MORE

Update on 'Operation Ghetto Storm,' Part 3: What Can Stop Police From Killing a Black Person #every28hours?

This is the third of a three-part series that investigates how the extrajudicial killing of Black people is tightly woven into the history, hegemonic ideology and institutions that constitute the U.S.A. READ MORE

Death of Black Activist in US Jail Prompts Calls for Action

"She hanged herself" is the new "he reached for my gun," says activist Brenda Nasr. READ MORE

Thousands Across the U.S. Have Died ​​at the Hands of Police

Demonstrators in Baltimore have hit the streets to demand justice for Freddie Gray and thousands more who have died at the hands of police in the U.S. READ MORE

​​Fighting Racism in the US Criminal Justice System

An analysis of the grave racial discrimination that the black community suffers in the United States, which has a criminal justice system that through statistics and fact has proven to be seriously biased against Afro-Americans as well as Hispanics. READ MORE

BlackLivesMatter and Resistance

When Does a Surge Become a Movement? By Glen Ford

The most important constituency in this struggle – the “street” – has caused the rulers to fear an actual insurgency in Black America. READ MORE

Black Lives Matter Silence Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley

The Democratic presidential candidates were forced to take a seat and listen to the demands of Black people. READ MORE

The Liberation Practices of Black Lives Matters

BlackLivesMatter, a hashtag that transformed into a movement after the killings of Trayvon Martin (2013), Michael Brown (2014) and Eric Garner (2014), has declared 2015 the 'year of ungovernability.' READ MORE

Black Lives Matter and 21st Century Abolition

The growing movement challenging state sanctioned violence against Black communities in the United States is deeply rooted in an abolitionist resistance framework. READ MORE

Baltimore’s Grassroots Speak Out

Grassroots activists have spoken out on the disadvantage and oppression Baltimore's communities face and denounced media coverage of recent events. READ MORE

Imaginary Lines – Activist Cat Brooks

Host Michael Fox discusses police brutality, the current state and media narrative of the movement, and why the killing of Black women has been largely ignored.

Black Lives Matter Around the World

Blackness Without Borders: Global Caribbean Solidarity for Haitians by Kim Katrin Milan

Out of our homeland and in the global north, we have to be intentional about the way that we use our influence to impact countries in the global south. READ MORE

Anti-Blackness in Latin America Is Real: Colombian Hip-Hop Band

One Afro-Colombian hip-hop group is not afraid to challenge racism in Latin America. READ MORE

Black Lives Matter in Colombia

Nestled atop rolling green hills and valleys in the southwestern department of Cauca, La Toma, like many towns across Colombia, was built with blood and perseverance. READ MORE

Racism Is Used By World Powers to Justify Domination

This article is based on an exclusive interview with United Nation’s Chair of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Jose Francisco Cali Tzay, the first and only member of this important body that oversees a binding International Convention for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. As a Mayan Kaqchikel from Guatemala, the expert gives us a unique perspective on the progress being made to end racism. READ MORE

A Life Behind Bars — a Special teleSUR Investigation

Sentenced at just 15 years old, Efran Paredes is now 41 and has spent most of his life behind bars. teleSUR's Kim Brown looks into a cruel system that sentences teenagers to life without parole.

In Pictures: Protesting Police Brutality

Click on the photo to go to the gallery

In Video: Baltimore Uprising

Charleston Massacre, White Supremacy

Black Power Movement Confronts KKK at Rally in South Carolina

The Confederate flag shows its true colors as KKK protests against its removal. READ MORE

Charleston: A Symbolic Attack on Black US by Kevin Alexander Gray

Activist and writer Kevin Alexander Gray reflects on the hate crime in an exclusive interview with teleSUR. “The South Carolina statehouse flies the confederate flag that represents white supremacy, the same white supremacy the shooter wears on his jacket,” said Gray. READ MORE

Beyond the Flag: Upping the Ante for Black Lives

As South Carolina lawmakers went to great lengths to prove they are not racist by removing the Confederate Flag from the Statehouse in the capital Columbia this week, the movement for Black Lives is actually being obscured once more. READ MORE

Black Lives Matter: Charleston Shooting Was an Act of Terror

The U.S. Black Lives Matter movement released a statement Friday extending condolences to the families and community of the nine victims of the shooting at the Charleston Emanuel AME Church and condemning the attack as an act of terrorism. READ MORE

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