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After the war on Gaza left over 2,200 dead, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas labeled Israel's treatment of Gaza as a "war of genocide," during his speech at the U.N. General Assembly in September 2014. Below we remember the victims of that war and the solidarity offered.

Israeli War Crimes

Gaza War

​The No-Nonsense Gaza Timeline

What was the series of events that led to Israel launching the 2014 war? We take a look beyond the spin and propaganda. 

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Latin American Action in Protest at the Israeli War

​In the face of clear violations of international law by Israel, Latin American nations took strong action, with some recalling their Ambassadors and others issuing statements condemning Israel.

Check out our two interviews with the Palestinian Foreign Minister on Venezuela’s solidarity and Palestine’s Ambassador to Ecuador on South American support 


Daily Life in Gaza Under the Israeli Blockade

The devastating impact of Israel's war on Gaza was exacerbated by the years of blockade which had already weakened its social infrastructure. Israel has blockaded the Gaza Strip from land, air and sea since 2007. The list of what is not allowed into Gaza changes constantly. At times there have been bans on light bulbs, mattresses, sheets, musical instruments, crayons, clothing, candles, matches, books, shoes, blankets, coffee, chocolate, nuts, pasta, tea, shampoo and conditioner, books and paper. There is a permanent ban on concrete for rebuilding the infrastructure destroyed by the Israeli army through bombings and airstrikes and any item that could conceivably be used as a weapon or as material in the building of a weapon.

Read more about the blockade and daily life here and here

​In Pictures: Terror in Gaza

Below we look at some of the death and destruction inflicted on the Gaza strip by the Israeli war machine.  Click on the image to view the gallery.

War on Gaza in Context

​The war on Gaza was the latest Israeli attempt at denying Palestinians their statehood. Below we look back at the origins of occupation and resistance.

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Gaza Israel Palestine

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