Ezequiel Adamovsky
Ezequiel Adamovsky

Ezequiel Adamovsky, born in Buenos Aires in 1971, is a historian and anti-capitalist activist. He studied history at the University of Buenos Aires --where he also teaches-- and has a PhD from University College London. As an activist, he has been involved in the students movement and, more recently, in the neighbours Assemblies movement that emerged in the city of Buenos Aires after the rebellion of December 2001. A member of collectives and networks of global resistance, he also participated in the process of the World Social Forum. Apart from his academic publications –mainly in the field of intellectual history-- he has written extensively on issues of globalisation, anti-capitalism and Leftist politics for websites and journals from several countries. His main activist books are Anti-capitalism for Beginners: The New Generation of Emancipatory Movements (Buenos Aires, 2003) and Beyond Old Left: Six Essays for a New Anti-Capitalism (Buenos Aires, 2007). His main academic books are Euro-orientalism: Liberal Ideology and the Image of Russia in France, c. 1740-1880 (Oxford, 2006) and Historia de la clase media argentina: apogeo y decadencia de una ilusión, 1919-2003 (Buenos Aires, 2009)

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