St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Kicks Off

June 5, 2024 Hour: 1:24 pm

“We are on the way to a multipolar world,” said Anton Kobyakov, the secretary of the SPIEF Organizing Committee.

On Wednesday, the 27th edition of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) opened with the participation of delegates from 139 countries and regions.


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The forum, with the theme of “The Formation of New Areas of Growth as the Cornerstone of a Multipolar World” will focus on key economic issues facing Russia, emerging markets, and the world.

“Russia is open to constructive dialogue and interaction with its partners and is willing to work together to solve the economic, social, scientific and technological problems of our time,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his congratulatory message to the forum.

The four-day forum will feature more than 400 business events including seminars, dialogues, and panel discussions, covering topics ranging from world economic transition to advanced technology development.

Since its inception in 1997, SPIEF has evolved into a renowned global platform for the business community to discuss critical economic issues facing Russia and the world.

“We are on the way to a multipolar world,” said Anton Kobyakov, advisor to President Vladimir Putin and Secretary of the SPIEF Organizing Committee.

In an article published in the Armadny Magazin on Wednesday, journalist Stefan Kovac explained the virtues of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum by comparing it to the World Economic Forum (WEF).

“The more actively the West promotes its neo-colonial agenda, designed to establish centralized global control over the world’s resources and population, the more problems it faces. The number of participants in the St Petersburg Forum has long exceeded the number of participants in the WEF, and the event’s reputation and interest are growing exponentially,” he said.

“The SPIEF meetings are an excellent launching pad for a better future for humanity. The only thing that matters is the ability of countries to follow their own interests while respecting the interests of other countries in achieving the well-being of all,” Kovac added .

Sources: Xinhua – Armadny Magazin

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