Spanish Authorities Confiscate Amounts of Cocaine From Ecuador and Colombia

Package of cocaine incauted by the Spanish Police, June 2024 Photo: @WorldCrimeIntel

June 21, 2024 Hour: 6:50 pm

The operation began in 2023 when they discovered that the organization was in Spain

The Spanish police seized 100 kilograms of cocaine sent from Ecuador, in an operation with 12 detainees as alleged members of a gang composed, among others, by Colombians,

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Police reported on Thursday that the arrested are alleged members of a criminal group «among the most active in Europe and South America», composed of Albanians, Colombians, Swedes, Germans and Moroccans.

“The group had direct contacts in the main countries of exit from cocaine, such as Colombia and Ecuador, and with strong investors in Dubai,” he said in a statement.

According to this information, one of the Germans is considered in Sweden as one of the main international drug traffickers and is one of the main targets of Europol, the European police coordination agency. According to this source, he had traveled to Colombia to allegedly negotiate a drug shipment.

The text reads,
Blow to international narcotrafic with the seizure of 100 kilos of cocaine in an air container from Ecuador 12 members of one of the criminal groups active in Europe and South America arrested The drug was located in a warehouse in Fuenlabrada

The operation began in early 2023 when they discovered that the organization was in Spain and was transporting large quantities of cocaine from South America by air and sea.

“The Colombian branch” of the gang, the police said, was in charge of obtaining the drug in origin and giving it exit to Spain “both by sea with containers and by air through commercial flights”.

The researchers discovered an air transport of drugs from Guayaquil (Ecuador) to Madrid. There, they arrested four Albanians and found 100 kilograms of drugs in backpacks.

Another Albanian and a Moroccan were arrested in Marbella, in southern Spain, and eight international arrest warrants were issued to try to find the rest of the alleged members of the group.

Last May, the German who had visited Colombia and a Colombian who had travelled to Madrid months earlier were arrested.

The Police reported that the individual identified as the main leader of the organization was arrested upon arriving in Madrid on a plane from Colombia. In addition, it was reported that the suspected leader of the Albanian branch of the gang was in prison and was awaiting extradition to Albania for a crime of homicide.

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