Somalia: Overflowing of Rio Shebelle Causes Flood in Near Cities

May 27, 2024 Hour: 12:56 pm

This Monday, the Shebelle flood, due to heavy rainfall affecting Somalia and the African continent, caused a flood that devastated the city of Beledweyned, in the center of the country.


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The phenomenon has caused several houses to be partially submerged, forcing many families to seek refuge in higher areas as the waters advanced through the streets.

Ali Abdi Yusuf, a lifelong resident of Beledweyne, said several neighborhoods had been severely affected.

The Somali government had issued preventive warnings about torrential rains, urging residents to flee to higher areas.

According to the Agency the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNRWA), the situation of Beledweyned, is repeated throughout the African continent in countries such as Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, among others.

According to experts, these climatic conditions are due to the effects of EL Niñon on the global climate, wich are causing, floods and heatwaves .

Autor: teleSUR/ OSG

Fuente: Africanews-Skynews

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