Right Wing Will Win European Parliament Elections According to Exit Polls

The headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels where the official results will be announced. Photo: EFE/Laura Gutiérrez

June 9, 2024 Hour: 3:39 pm

The right-wing European People’s Party (EPP) would win the European Parliament (EP) elections and remain the first force with 181 seats (five more than in the outgoing EP), according to the first projection of seats based on estimates and polls at the ballot box published by the European Parliament.


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The Alliance of European Socialists and Democrats (S&D) would be the second largest group in the House with 135 MEPs and four fewer than in the outgoing European Parliament, while the Renewing Europe liberals would get 82 seats and 20 fewer, according to the same source.

They would be followed with 71 seats by the group of Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), with two more, and the ultra-right of Identity and Democracy (ID), with 62 seats, thirteen more. The Greens/European Free Alliance, which would have 53 seats, would lose 18 seats, falling to sixth place compared to fourth in the previous chamber.

The smallest group in the European Parliament would continue to be The Left, which would have 34 seats today and had three more in the outgoing chamber, while the non-attached group, which is not affiliated with any of the European political families, would have 51 MEPs.

New MEPs who are not part of any of the groups in the previous parliamentary term, in the category called Others, would have 51 seats in the new Chamber, but many of them and the non-attached will join existing political groups in the coming weeks.

In France the Marine Le Pen’s ultra-right National Rally (RN) achieved a resounding victory in the European elections this Sunday in France, with between 31.5 and 32.4% of the votes, doubling the party of President Emmanuel Macron, who would have obtained 15,2%, according to two exit polls.

Meanwhile in Spain the conservative Popular Party would have been the most voted option in the European elections this Sunday in Spain and would get between 21 and 23 MEPs although it could end up tying with the PSOE, which would get between 20 and 22, according to the survey of Sigma Two for public television RTVE.

In Germany, the two co-leaders of the ultra-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), Tino Chrupalla and Alice Weidel, celebrated today as a “great result” the second post that the force would have achieved in the European elections this Sunday.

While Friedrich Merz, the leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), celebrated this Sunday as a “great success” the result of the polls at the polls that place the German conservatives with 30% of the votes in the European elections, while Chancellor Olaf Scholz’ centre-left SPD remains in the third position.

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Fuente: EFE // AFP // results.elections.europa.eu

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