PSUV Fifth Congress Ratify Maduro as Presidential Candidate

March 16, 2024 Hour: 1:02 pm

The grassroots assemblies of the Socialist United Party of Venezuela (PSUV), in the Fifth Congres of the political organization have ratified the current president Nicolás Maduros’ candidacy to the oncoming July 28 presidential elections.


Venezuelan Socialists Ratify President Maduro as Candidate

Gathered in the Poliedro de Caracas, one of Venzuela’s largest and most important sports and convention centers, thousends of affiliates and followers of the party from all the country will officially reaffirm the candidacy of Maduro.

Throughout Venezuela 317,187 assemblies were mobilized, in which more than 4,240,032 members of the largest political organization in Venezuela participated.

This is not all the grassroots that elect Nicolás Maduro, today they ratify those of the PSUV and then it will be the turn of the other parties and organizations that make up the coalition of the Great Patriotic Pole.

Despite this, today is the most important day of the Maduros’ candidacy as main candidate of the Bolivarian left-wing launching, and the people have taken as a big festivitie of the electoral times showing their support.

Previously, the deputy to the National Assembly of Venezuela and vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabelo announced that Maduro would be the candidate, but today is that during the Fifth Congress of PSUV the candidacy was consolidated.

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