President Maduro Calls for Greater Popular Unity on the Way to J28 Elections

President Nicolas Maduro during a campaign mobilization. Photo: X/ @PresidencialVen

June 23, 2024 Hour: 1:18 pm

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, met this Saturday with the people of Mamera, parish of Antímano, Caracas, as part of the pilgrimage that takes place throughout the country ahead of the presidential elections on July 28, the Bolivarian government and rejected the 930 pressure measures imposed by the US. and European nations.


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The president also urged to reject the privatization of strategic sectors, such as energy, a purpose that hosts the extremist right, the same that allied with foreign powers to economically drown the South American country and force destabilization and a violent change of government.

Maduro denounced that the opposition candidates abandoned the people in difficult situations, such as the pandemic or the shortage of products. He questioned that now, in the face of the elections of the 28J, they request the vote of the same people that before they looked with indifference.

I reaffirm it! #Caracas we love you because we know you, we follow you and we defend you from those who represent hate. We are the hope, that’s why we take to the streets. #Venezuela #revolución

The head of state urged to join the 1x10x7 electoral mechanism, which expands the mobilizing capacity of the forces of chavismo in the face of the elections with the incorporation of social movements. He emphasized the importance of unity.

Earlier, Maduro Moros participated in the reopening of the construction panels factory Caracas, in La Yaguara, which will be able to manufacture 1,200 roof elements to support the Great Mission Housing Venezuela.

He indicated that these structures are intended to manufacture homes in the axis Yaguara, Antímano, Mamera and Carapita, which will boost the effort of the Bolivarian Government, which has already delivered five million houses, to build another three million new homes and rehabilitate two million homes built years ago.

From La Yaguara, the president announced the approval of 16,236 new financing for women, youth and entrepreneurs with the purpose of stimulating the social economy. Of these, a total of 8,905 are for CrediJoven, 5,745 for CrediMujer and 1,586 for Emprender Banco de Venezuela Digital.

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