President Arce Congratulates the Bolivian People During the Democratic March

President Luis Arce in the Murillo Square balcony, July 2024 Photo: EFE

July 12, 2024 Hour: 5:46 pm

“The Bolivian people have fought for democracy”, president Arce said

The President of Bolivia, Luis Arce, praised this Friday the popular will to preserve and protect democracy during the coup attempt of 26 June, when the people went to Murillo Square to defend what was achieved at the polls in 2020.

Bolivian Social Organizations March in Defense of Democracy

“The Bolivian people have fought for democracy. The people take to the streets to defend democracy, that is what the putschists have to hear from here in Plaza Murillo, that the Bolivian people will not let the putschists pass,” he said during his speech.

He also recalled that the people, at different times in history, have mobilized in rejection of the coups that have taken place in that nation, and stressed that the Bolivians have “shed blood to defend democracy and have freedoms, and today will not be the exception”.

He also assured that “the Bolivian people responded to the height” because the mobilizations condemning the coup act has occurred throughout the country, “because they do not agree with that type of putschists of which the Bolivian people is fed up. That is precisely the message that the Bolivian people gave to those coup leaders who failed in their attempt”.

The head of state denounced that the right wing and fascism have tried to build the idea of a self-coup, hiding the real objectives they had with the coup.

“Always behind a coup there are economic interests and always in our country we have had to face coups de Estado for wanting to take away our natural resources and want strategically, by geopolitics, taking away from us what the development and growth of families means,” he said.

In that sense, he specified that the Bolivian people acted wisely and took to the streets to defend democracy, and assured that the defense of this is a duty of every Bolivian.

“Democracy is for us to decide what to do, and what direction to take to reach the desired growth that Bolivia needs,” he said, while assuring that Bolivians aspire to an industrialized country.

In addition to thanking the Bolivian people, the dignitary also thanked the immediate solidarity received by “governments, peoples, international organizations that demonstrated to condemn the failed coup” and demonstrate in favor of democracy.

The participants in the Great March for Democracy chanted slogans such as “Lucho”, acclaiming the president, and “The united people will never be defeated”, ratifying the courage of the Bolivian people.

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