Polish Farmers Demonstrate in the Streets and Police Repress Them

March 6, 2024 Hour: 9:45 pm

Agricultural workers in Poland are protesting against measures to address rising prices due to the influx of Ukrainian grains and the impact of environmental laws.


Polish Government and Farmers Fail to Reach Agreements

Protesters positioned themselves near the prime minister’s office, Polish police fired tear gas after a demonstrator lit a firecracker.

The police also had a physical confrontation with the demonstrators after they tried to enter the ministerial office, crossing the containment barriers.

The trigger was the elimination of tariffs on Ukrainian cereals, which generated an oversupply. The situation of Polish farmers is very similar to that of other European farmers.

As in Spain, producers protested against the unfair competition to which they are subjected in the face of cheap prices for Ukrainian crops.

On the other hand, Kiev is willing to accept economic restrictions from the European Union to resolve the conflicts of farmers in Poland and other protest centers.


Autor: teleSUR/ CC

Fuente: RT

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