Peruvian-Chinese Fraternity Day To Be Celebrated on February 1

Chancay port in Peru, 2024. Photo: X/ @Agencia_Andina

June 21, 2024 Hour: 1:46 pm

This date coincides with the Chinese celebration of the Spring Festival and the start of the Lunar New Year.

On Friday, the official Peruvian registry published a law declaring February 1st as the Day of Peruvian-Chinese Fraternity.


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The new regulation, which indicates that this date coincides with the celebration of the Spring Festival in China and the start of the Lunar New Year, nullifies a 1991 decree that established July 25th as the Day of Peruvian-Chinese Friendship.

The declaration highlighted the contribution of Chinese immigration and its impact on Peru’s cultural, socioeconomic, and scientific development.

On Sunday, President Dina Boluarte will travel to China next Sunday to meet with President Xi Jinping in Beijing and promote Chinese investments in Peru. From June 23rd to 30th, she will participate in several meetings accompanied by nine ministers, as well as a delegation of business leaders from Peru’s most representative guilds, said Chief of Staff Gustavo.

“The agenda is very full. They will meet with a large group of entrepreneurs in Shanghai, where they will showcase what Peru has to offer in mining, agriculture, tourism, and other exports,” he said, adding that Boluarte will also meet with the company Huawei in the city of Shenzhen.

In a meeting with Xi, the Peruvian president will extend an official invitation for the Chinese leader to visit her country in November for the inauguration of Chancay, a megaport in northern Lima being built with Chinese capital. “China is Peru’s main trading partner right now, a huge market that we are not fully exploiting. We need to grow much more,” Adrianzen stressed.

Built with an investment of US$1.4 billion, the Chancay port will handle 18,000 containers annually. It will become the second most important port on the American coasts, only surpassed by the port complexes of California, according to the Andina news agency.

Source: EFE- Andes

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