Chapter 2 of this exclusive report brings you the voices of the struggle, all the campesinos, Indigenous peoples, communities, NGOs, and other organizations and groups coming together to fight for their land, their culture, for their environment, and for their right to live with dignity. We lift up their voices, their stories, and show you how their struggle continues and how you can help.

From 1964 until they were kicked out of the country, Texaco/Chevron contaminated and destroyed million hectares of pristine rainforest and destroyed thousands of lives. So far they have paid nothing, nor attempted to cleanup the destruction that they left in its wake.


Texaco left around 1,000 oil pits open to store their waste, without any type of coating or environmental protection. They also threw waste of all kinds, mainly oil, drilling mud and toxic waters onto the land.


The company is responsible for spilling over 71 million liters of oil waste and 64 million liters of crude oil over more than two million hectares of the Ecuadorean Amazon.


The Indigenous and Campesino communities filed a lawsuit against Texaco/Chevron in New York in 1993, demanding that all the pollution left behind by the company be cleaned up at their expense.











The Fight For Justice

"Chevron left and never complied. They never complied. What they left us is pollution and nothing more".

Rosa Ramirez