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  • Trump's Defiant 'Go Home' Remark Cannot Sit Well at Home.

    Trump's Defiant 'Go Home' Remark Cannot Sit Well at Home. | Photo: Reuters

Published 25 October 2018
Hypocrit Trump's orders for migrants to "legally apply" is another case of the US President's embarassing foot-in-mouth syndrome.

When President Trump promised wife Melania would hold a press conference in 2016 to explain her immigration history, he ended-up looking like a fool when she sent out a tweet from her immigration attorney. "The Donald" had egg on his face then, and he has egg on his face now after his latest comments to the Central American migrants headed to the US border came off as arrogant, and hypocritical. 


Trump to Send Military to Mexican Border, Pentagon Denies It

Trump's comments late Thursday that those in the caravan should, "turnaround, as we're not allowing people into the United States illegally," could be mistaken for coming from an old-timer with alzheimers, and not the US President. But, such is Trump's arrogance, that it doesn't matter if his fact-checker took a day off. 


Trump's comments could be seen as simply another example of the nationalism that has seen him threaten to build a wall to prevent the influx of Mexicans, daring Iran to attack the US, and suggesting that the Central Americans are "hardened Middle Eastern terrorists" in disguise.

The mistake Trump has made with his latest comments stem from the last sentence in his tweet that the migrants should, "apply for citizenship like millions of others are doing." First off, does he realize how difficult it is applying for US citizenship, and secondly, did he forget that his wife failed to attend her own press conference because she herself, worked illegally in the US!

Despite Melania's 2016 tweet, the Associated Press found documentation showing that Melania Trump broke immigration law when she first came to the US in 1996 — by entering the country on a tourist visa and then working as a professional model. That was nine years before she was able to 'legally' obtain citizenship through her marriage to Trump. 

This begs the question, will Melania have her visa revoked under the crime of visa fraud? Hardly, but while the president will spin his remarks, or go 360 like he did with the messy Saudi / Khashoggi affair, educated society knows that when he mentioned "hardened criminals" crossing the border, Trump's comments could be more suited to Melania's father Viktor Knavs - convicted of crimes in Slovenia, than it does a Honduran escaping military violence, and oppression.

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