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Partial Mobilization in Russia Ends -Russian Defense Minister

  • "The conscription of citizens has stopped. The target you set - 300 000 people - has been met," Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu told President Vladimir Putin. Oct. 28, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@jaccocharite

Published 28 October 2022

Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu informed Russian President Vladimir Putin about completing the partial mobilization.

Putin ordered the partial mobilization on September 21. The target set to recruit 300 000 people "has been met," the defense minister said. 

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Shoigu said, "the deployment of citizens called up for mobilization was completed today. The conscription of citizens has stopped. The target you set - 300,000 people - has been met. No additional assignments are being planned."

According to Shoigu, special attention was paid to training reserve call-ups at training centers and firing ranges. Currently, 218 000 mobilized military personnel remain undergoing training.

As for the ongoing special military operation in Ukraine, 82 000 mobilized personnel were sent to the area after completing their training.

The Defense Minister also said that 13 000 citizens volunteered before receiving their conscription notices, and were sent to the armed forces as volunteers.

"During the partial mobilization, more than 1 300 representatives of the executive power and more than 27 000 businessmen were sent to the armed forces," Shoigu said, noting that "the average age of mobilized citizens is 35 years."

The armed forces will continue to be replenished through "the recruitment of volunteers and candidates for military service under contract."

The Defense Minister referred to difficulties in providing soldiers during the initial phase of the partial mobilization. He said that "those problems had already been solved."

In this regard, Putin said it is necessary to upgrade the work of military commissariats and the entire defense system. "Now the main thing is equipment, preparedness and coordination. And all so that people feel safe in case they have to participate directly in combat." 

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