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Young Pregnant Woman Dies After Falling From US Border Wall

  • Three migrants climb the U.S. border fence in the city of Tijuana, Mexico, 2019.

    Three migrants climb the U.S. border fence in the city of Tijuana, Mexico, 2019. | Photo: EFE

Published 16 March 2020

The wall is an issue that is causing even more migrants to die in hostile terrain.

A 19-year-old pregnant Guatemalan woman died last Wednesday, a few days after she fell from the border wall that divides Mexico and the United States, local sources reported recently.


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Miriam Estefany Girón Luna, seven months pregnant, was trying to cross the border between the two countries when she fell from the six-meter high border wall.

When she was located, the Border Patrol transferred her to the "Hospital del Sol", in the town of El Paso, where she was in intensive care from March 7 until her death was reported on March 10.

Although the cause of death has yet to be identified, doctors indicated that the former Guatemalan beauty suffered cerebral hemorrhaging, lacerations of the liver and kidneys, and a fractured of pelvis. 

Although they tried to perform an emergency C-section, the baby did not survive, according to reports in the local newspaper Prensa Libre.

"We will find those responsible for putting the young woman's life in danger," El Paso U.S. Customs and Border Protection official Gloria Chavez said at a press conference.

She pointed to "the human traffickers. They are responsible for encouraging and helping the young woman to climb" the steel fence that divides Mexico and the United States.

Miriam's partner, a 26-year-old man, is also in the custody of U.S. authorities.

Gloria Chavez shifts the blame onto others and did not mention the highly dangerous nature of the wall, a strategy that is causing ever more migrants to die in hostile terrain, according to analysts.

Miriam Giron and her unborn baby are adding to the thousands of deaths that are being caused by the barrier erected by U.S. President Donald Trump's administration. 


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