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  • CNE President Indira Alfonzo meets with Vladimir Padrino Lopez and Remigio Ceballos. October 23, 2020.

    CNE President Indira Alfonzo meets with Vladimir Padrino Lopez and Remigio Ceballos. October 23, 2020. | Photo: Twitter / @ve_cne

Published 24 October 2020

The general public will be able to test out the voting process while CNE authorities will conduct tests.

Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) will be running an electoral simulation on Sunday, October 25th, where voters can familiarize themselves with the machinery and process ahead of the December 6th parliamentary elections.


President Maduro: 'Venezuela Has the Widest Electoral Guarantees'

55 polling stations will be equipped for the drills in which all technical elements of the Automated Voting System will be tested, and during which results transmission tests will be carried out to monitor its behavior and evaluate efficiency.

Voting centers were disinfected by Civil Protection, in fulfillment of the Strategic Biosecurity Plan being executed by the CNE to prevent COVID-19.

The CNE will deploy all the Operative Technical Personnel trained to guarantee the success of the process. In order to vote on December 6th, citizens will need an identity card, valid or expired, and a mask.

Venezuelans will be electing 277 representatives for the 2021-2026 period, up from 167 representatives perviously.

The new National Assembly will convene in January, and will likely have representation from a much wider range of parties. Some sectors of the opposition will be running candidates, through extremist sectors backed by the United States have promoted a boycott, as it did in the 2018 Presidential election.

The President of the CNE, Indira Alfonzo has met with Defense Minister Vladamir Padrino and heads of other state agencies to ensure close coodination during the election.

The Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, has said that 1,104 officials of the Public Ministry will be deployed throughout the country to defend the right to vote for their representatives in the National Assembly.

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