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Venezuelan Army Dismantles 'Los Rastrojos' Base In Tachira

  • Equipment located in Los Rastrojos communications base

    Equipment located in Los Rastrojos communications base | Photo: @FreddyBernal

Published 21 September 2019

The communications base was a make-shift room equipped with 15 transmitters that allowed the known narco-trafficking group to send signals across Colombia. 

Venezuelan authorities announced Saturday afternoon they had dismantled a telecommunications base of the Colombian criminal gang 'Los Rastrojos' in the state of Táchira, which borders Colombia.


Venezuela: More Evidence of Guaido Links to Paramilitaries

Venezuelan government official, Freddy Bernal said via his Twitter account that authorities and found and taken apart a major communications post of the criminal gang that was located in Loma del Viento sector in San Cristóbal. The official posted photos of the machinery that resemble small satellites that included "15 transmitters with a bandwidth of 160 MHZ to 180 MHZ used to communicate throughout Colombia."

The high-ranking official also showed images of gallons of fuel and gas. Bernel said that 2,870 liters of gas had been seized at the site that resembled and outdoor camp.  

This is the first evidence of the criminal gang to appear in Venezuela after damning photos and videos appeared this week that show self-proclaimed interim president, Juan Guaido, posing with Los Rastrojos on Feb. 22 as he left Venezuela for Cucuta, Colombia to attend the Venezuela Live Aid concert the following day.  

The #FANB under the #VenezuelaSoberaníaYPaz operation found this facility located in an improvised booth with equipment within the 160 MHz to 180 MHz bandwith with 15 signal transmissions across Colombia.

While Guaido denies any direct relationship with the ​​​​murderous paramilitary group, Ivan Posso, aka, Nandito, a high-ranking member of Los Rastrojos has confessed in a now-viral video of how his group worked directly with the Colombian government to usher Guaido out of Venezuela where he was wanted for orchestrating a failed overthrow of the government in late January.

In the video, Nandito says that the photos with Guaido with the members of Los Rastrojos were taken as a "basis for the future," so that, if the opponent took power, the gang "could move freely along the entire border without any military or government pressure" or restrictions.

Guaido says he doesn't know these criminals and that he took photos with "hundreds" of people that day.

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