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Venezuela: Government Announces Quarantine Relaxation Measures

  • A security officer takes the temperature of a user of a store in Caracas, Venezuela, June 23, 2020.

    A security officer takes the temperature of a user of a store in Caracas, Venezuela, June 23, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 2 August 2020

President Nicolas Maduro called on the population to respect the measures and follow the security protocols.

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro Sunday announced new measures to combat the Covid-19 virus in the South American nation.


COVID-19: Venezuela Begins Radical Quarantine

During a conference, Maduro explained the steps to be followed in order to make more flexible the quarantine.

"From August 10, the quarantine will be relaxed for seven days in order to level out the 7+7 program (...) we are all going to move forward, it is time for maximum unity," he said.

However, the President stressed that the radical quarantine begins the next week.

 "Starting tomorrow, August 3, the radical quarantine begins throughout the country,” he explained.

He also highlighted the Mayor of Caracas Erika Farias’ work, in setting up the Polyhedron to care for asymptomatic patients of the Covid-19.

"I congratulate her on her work, I urge the authorities not to lower morale, we must move forward,” Maduro said.

Also, accompanied by Lara State Governor Carmen Melendez, President Maduro inaugurated the Jose Gregorio Hernández Health Center.

The Center has the capacity to attend asymptomatic patients from Covid-19 in that city.

The 7+7 is a program that aims to break a contagion chain that has cause a virus upsurge in several nation’s cities. As part of the quarantine, only a few essential services will be functioning. Food, health, telecommunications among others will be providing services.

As of today, Venezuela’s contagion toll is 20,206 positive cases, with 174 deaths, and11,404patients have been reported as recovered.

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