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  • U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

    U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. | Photo: EFE

Published 1 July 2020

The Democratic candidate did not say whether he would change his mind if the pandemics abates.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden Tuesday announced that he will not hold rallies during his electoral campaign due to the pandemic.


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This is an unprecedented statement that contrasts with the stance of the U.S. President Donald Trump who has already held large campaign meetings.

"I will follow the orders of health authorities, not only for myself but for the country," Biden explained, although he did not say whether he would change his mind if pandemics abate.

"Trump has failed the country by his pandemic's mishandling. I will not expose the people to the health crisis that he has failed to control," he added.

If Biden does not hold meetings until November, this would be unusual move for a modern U.S. presidential candidate. So far, a candidate's success is measured by the strength of his public messages and his enthusiasm.

"This is the most unusual campaign in modern history," Biden acknowledged at the first press conference he offered over the last four weeks.

Biden's announcement comes amid growing alarm about the Trump administration's inability to contain the health crisis.

As of Wednesday morning, the United States had reported 2,751,571 COVID-19 cases and 130,390 deaths.

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