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Uruguay: Broad Front Submits Motion Against Right-Wing Law

  • Broad Front Senators in Upper Chamber session. Montevideo, Uruguay. April 28th.

    Broad Front Senators in Upper Chamber session. Montevideo, Uruguay. April 28th. | Photo: Twitter/@Frente_Amplio

Published 29 April 2020

The “urgent consideration law” is the third modification of a prior Uruguayan law.

The Uruguayan Broad Front party presented on April 28, a motion for the senate's consideration to invalidate a government bill. 


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The “urgent consideration law”, a government denominated the bill, is the third modification of a prior law project. It proposes Civil Code modification, strike right regulation, wage payments in cash among others adjustments. As Broad Front representatives stressed, none of these measures respond to the current  situation due to the virus and they are not urgent to considerate.

 "It is an affectation of democratic guarantees to pretend to discuss more than 500 articles covering the most diverse topics in just 75 days" Wide Front representatives stated.

The leftist party legislators denounced the lack of constitutionality in the bill’s presentation because it is using legal shortcuts and it doesn´t adjust to Constitution disposals.  "It is a legal cut-off to quickly impose a political agenda," Wide Front members affirmed.

"Bill proposes a project of a country that is totally unaware that there is a hecatomb in the world and that nothing will be the same after the coronavirus. Neither the habits we have nor the economies, societies, or culture. The world has changed, but they bring us the same law as before the coronavirus", said Alejandro Sanchez, Wide Front Senator.  

"Humberto Castro: The Urgent Consideration Law and its half thousand articles do not give the maximum guarantees to the democratic system. It is a contradiction that issues related to COVID-19n are not included when it has been said that the priority is the health of Uruguayans."

The Wide Front also expressed concerns about political debate absence due to COVID-19 preventive measures as social isolation and crowd avoidance. Because of these health issues, legislators from various political parties will not meet to discuss properly bills content. 

"Other emergencies are involved and, therefore, we were struck by the fact that measures to alleviate the present health emergency were not included in the law itself", the Wide Front stressed.

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