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UK: Indian Students Starving and Unable to Return Home

  • A deserted Westminster Bridge in London, U.K., March 24, 2020.

    A deserted Westminster Bridge in London, U.K., March 24, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 1 May 2020

Since March 22 India closed its borders and left Thousands of students stranded in the U.K.

The closure of borders in India left thousands of students stranded in the United Kingdom. Now they depend on food donations from charity institutions to survive.


Thousands of Migrants Workers Demand Indian Govt Trains to Go Back Home

According to local media, most Indian college students work part-time in low-paying jobs to support their studies in this European country.

"The confinement forced by COVID-19 has caused many of them to lose their jobs," the National Association of Indian Students (NAIS) recently denounced in a statement.

With the borders closed, "the young people cannot return home to their families, do not know how to access benefits, nor can they support themselves economically," the NAIS recalled and added that it has even received alerts from students who value suicide as an option.

"They don't know what to do and can't afford to eat. They are starving.”

Student groups have been the main supporters of Indian university students so far. They have distributed food to thousands of young people in financial distress across the U.K.

On Wednesday, Ealing Southall Labour Deputy Virendra Sharma asked the U.K. education authorities to hand over the aid funds to foreign students.

Since March 22, India closed its borders and only gave two days for citizens abroad to arrange their return. Thousands of young people were left stranded in the United Kingdom because of overpriced return tickets. 

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